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Since we delivered our first machine in 2004, DTL Engineering and Technical Services Co., Ltd has consistently provided basic planning, design, manufacturing, construction, commissioning and after-sales services for thermal power plants based on steam turbines and generators. We promise to provide design, high efficiency and high reliability tailored to our customers’ needs for all types of thermal power plants—from conventional coal-fired power plants to combined cycle and combined heat and power cogeneration plants.

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Chúng tôi làm việc trong một số lĩnh vực công nghiệp khác nhau. Đặc biệt, chúng tôi chuyên về kỹ thuật, mua sắm, lắp đặt, vận hành và hỗ trợ cho thị trường Nhiệt Điện và Dầu khí.

Cung cấp thiết bị cơ khí, nhiệt, điện và đo lường và cung cấp cho vận hành, đại tu, sửa chữa và bảo trì các nhà máy nhiệt điện

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We offer a wide range of products. Based on our experience, we can help you pick the products and systems that are best suited for your needs. Whether developed in-house or by a third party we are able to deliver and integrate the products you specify.

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Extensive lineup of sample tests and fine-tuned after sales service
THERMAL supports you in all stages from advice, trial manufacturing to technical consultation after introduction of our equipment and services with total commitment until you are fully satisfied.

Hệ thống bơm cấp, bơm tuần hoàn,...

We are committed to your success. Our engineering, technical support and service teams will help you meet your goals.

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Son La Hydropower Company participated in the ceremony of fingerling fish stocking in the reservoir


Son La Provincial People’s Committee organized a fingerling fish stocking ceremony to regenerate aquatic resources of Son La Hydropower... xem thêm

Vinh Tan 4 expansion thermal power plant successfully synchronized power grid for the first time


On April 22, 2019, the Vinh Tan 4 Expansion Thermal Power Plant (TPP) was successfully synchronized with  the grid... xem thêm

The first solar energy project in Binh Thuan province successfully synchronizes with the national power grid


The first solar energy project in Binh Thuan province successfully synchronizes with the national power grid On January 23, 2019,... xem thêm
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