Son La Hydropower Company participated in the ceremony of fingerling fish stocking in the reservoir

Son La Provincial People’s Committee organized a fingerling fish stocking ceremony to regenerate aquatic resources of Son La Hydropower reservoir. Son La Hydropower Company participated at the ceremony to respond to the program.

More than 200,000 fingerlings were stocked into Son La Hydropower reservoir.

At the ceremony, the Organizing Committee stocked more than 200,000 fingerlings, including dory, Mrigan Mud carp, red-eyed carp and Hemibagrus with a total value of over VND770 million.

In recent years, the situation of exploitation and fishing has not been strictly controlled, the use of fishing tools is not properly prescribed, in lack of selective exploitation, etc., are the main causes leading to the decline in aquatic resources.

Ms. Cam Thi Phong – Deputy Director of Son La Department of Agriculture and Rural Development affirmed that this is a meaningful work, step by step restoring and regenerating aquatic resources which are being degraded and diversifying aquatic species in natural water areas of the province, creating livelihoods for people, contributing to stabilizing production and life for people, especially for households under hydropower resettlement in the province.

In addition, the program also helps raise public awareness of the protection and development of aquatic resources.

The fingerling fish stocking ceremony is an annual activity of Son La province in recent years with the aim to supplement the resources of a number of indigenous aquatic varieties and species, especially aquatic species/varieties with scientific and economic value.

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